Cordillera El Melón

For discerning visitors to Chile, Andestrek Adventure will take you off the grid.

“The setting of the sun was glorious, the valleys being black, whilst the snowy peaks of the Andes yet retained a ruby tint. When it was dark we made a fire…fried our charqui, took our mate, and were quite comfortable. There is an inexpressible charm in thus living in the open air…”


― Charles Darwin, August 14th 1834

San Pedro de Atacama

The most memorable travel experiences come from a perfectly balanced blend of the destination and your own unique encounters within it. With this in mind we offer a variety of many distinctive choices for discovering Chile and the Andes – each of them finely tuned to charm the senses and engage the imagination in ways you never thought possible.

Cruce Los Andes

Canal Moraleda

Chile has everything except tropical jungle!

A huge diversity of natural terrain: ancient glaciers and ice-flows, snow-white salt plains, the driest desert on the planet, and vast areas of forests, cold jungle, lakes and huge active volcanoes. The terrain is generally mountainous with only one fifth of Chile’s surface being flat. A long thin country with Pacific islands, a 4300km coastline with a myriad of fiords, channels, the coastal mountain range or the Cordillera de la Costa, intermediate plains and valleys, and the ever present majestic Cordillera de Los Andes. Chile is a spectrum of geographical, environmental and cultural diversity.

Río Puelo

Las Torres del Paine

Cavernas de Marmol,
Lago General Carrera

Valle Juncal

Caleta Cóndor

There’s lots to do in Chile!

Among the activities we offer, we can highlight:

~ trekking,

~ horseback riding,

~ birdwatching,

~ cultural tours (ethnic, religious, crafts, conservation),

~winery options with independent boutique vineyards,

~ fly-fishing,

~ scuba-diving,

~ hiking,

~ sailing charters and Patagonian channel cruises,

~ walking city tours etc.

We also have experience in bespoke
Corporate Programs such as:

~ exhibition events,

~ incentive travel planning and arrangements,

~ congresses and seminars,

~ meet&greet transfers,

~ teambuilding excursions,

~ school and university expeditions,

as well as many options for pre & post, and shore excursion cruise tours for all Chilean ports of call.

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